BELARUS 2017 - Five minutes with Vlad Kurasov

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Next in line for Belarus is not a newcomer. Indeed, Vlad Kurasov was in Ukraine's national selection last year. Want to know more about this multinational artist?
Hey Vlad! To start properly, would you like to introduce yourself?

It's actually always difficult to talk about myself, but I'll try to do it :)​ I was born in Belarus, grew up in Russia and have lived in Ukraine for the last five years. So it's not that easy to say where I'm from. I have dark and light sides, as every human being. I am an author and composer, I'm an artist, I am a friend, I am a son, I'm a lover. I'm a simple guy who makes mistakes and wants to go through life bravely and happily​.

How did you give birth to Follow the play? And why submit it to Belarus and not Ukraine?

A little episode of my life ​inspired​ me ​to write the tune, or rather an encounter​. It made me feel a special emotion, which I had not experienced before.​ ​I can say this song is probably about the most adult, the most recent moments.​ ​​I became a little older​​ with this song. I'm afraid to say, but maybe​​ I even became​ a little more experienced​. Anyway, this is something new​​. ​I devoted ​this ​​​​song to some of my first feelings, which as it seemed to me, I​ had forgotten ​​​long ago​​I thought, they were just a memory​, just a short piece of my life. I'm grateful for the experience​​ and I can recall ​it ​smiling,​ with no regrets.

I​ happened ​to meet my first love several years after we broke up. It tore apart my young heart in that period, but it passed as everything passes. It all was very weird, it was like returning to the past, but as a completely different person​. I looked into her eyes and felt nothing at all. You know, I had a feeling like I met an old friend whom I wanted to hug and talk to about nice moments of our past. ​It was all quite typical, as I thought. But, at one moment I found myself thinking ​that everything returned​​. I drew a picture in my mind, as if we were back together for an hour​, for a moment. I felt a strong desire "to play love" and awake the passion which had gone a long time ago. I just wanted to play it. I wanted it too much. I felt ​a little nervous tickling​ somewhere inside. After returning home​, I wrote the tune. When ​I ​played it a few times, I realized it was ​perfect for ​the ​competition​​. Then, I immediately got in touch with the beloved lyricist Natalia Rostova. We tried to find a thin thread of feeling​ ​for a while. It was quite difficult to ​form ​my emotion into a single picture,​​ so I can tell what I want my story to be about. And I think we have succeeded​​. I do not think ​​this song is dramatic. Perhaps, it has a warm touch of sadness, but only ​​fleeting. It is a passion, a spark that flashes and ​immediately turns off.​

I live in Ukraine​ and this country ​is my house​ now. I'm in love with th​e culture.​ But I was born in ​​Belarus​, it's my homeland. So why not? I thought I could try it. It is something new​​​. ​I've always been sad for ​​Belarus, why does this great country often receive low scores in the competition? Maybe I will do something special. ​Talk​ing​ about previous ​entries, ​​my favorite​ artist is ​​​​Dmitry Koldun.

What are your influences?

I'm a real music enthusiast​ and ​​​a ​big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest!​​ I can name every winner ​for the last 13 years and ​I ​remember most of the leaders.​​ I grew up ​with ​the ​​American​ and the British music of the late 90s and early 00's, so this is my favorite musical era. ​​You know, I'm a big fan of Br​​itney Spears. In the near future​ I'm going back to Las Vegas to visit her show​ ​once again​. ​ After graduating school in Russia at the age of 16, I participate​d​ in X Factor in Ukraine. I reached the final, so it was logical to stay in Ukraine​ and built my career there. ​​​Especially ​​when I fell in love with this country. Slowly but surely, I build my life​ here. I released ​my debut album​​​Reflection​ ​recently​​. By the way, it includes I'm insane, my song from last year's selection​ in Ukraine. I am proud of this work​.

Any thoughts on France? On the world overall?

I've always wanted to visit France!​ I hope I'll do it soon. ​I just need a little weekend :​) There are a lot of myths about your country, I would like to know about ​everything by myself. ​You know, I'm a shy guy. I do my job quietly, I create and perform my own music and I care about it a lot. I live in my own world. For the last couple of years the world has become much more terrible. There are frequent terrorist attacks, wars and a lot of really bad things and it concerns me a lot. I hope we can find the good things which will unite all of us. Eurovision is just one of those events which gathers us together, though for a short period.

Vlad, thank you very much for this interview. You can find him, with his song Follow the play, in Friday's Belarusian Eurofest.

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