Congratulations to this Weeks Beat100 Music Video Chart Number One 'Ya Bolen Toboy' by Vladislav Kurasov

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Congratulations Vladislav Kurasov! 
This week's BEAT100 World Music Video Chart top spot is awarded to the sensational Vladislav Kurasov! Vladislav climbed to the top of this week's chart with his original, personally written track 'Ya Bolen Toboy'.
Originally from Russia, Vladislav now lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine as a professional singer and songwriter. He may be recognised the winner of Ukrainian TV show 'Star Ring' and a finalist from X Factor - 2 Ukraine. Vladislav has many musical achievements under his belt including being named as The People's Voice 2013 and, in the same year, also being named as a finalist for the International Songwriting Competition- Teen Category, both for his original hit 'Day Mne Ispit'. The young star is influenced by his pop idol Britney Spears; growing up in the Britney era, Vladislav has found that he is inspired by her tracks when working on his own music and performances. Vladislav believes that he was born to be an artist and has felt a strong passion for music from a very young age. That passion still spills over into his music today, as can be seen in his winning track this week 'Ya Bolen Toboy'.
The pop hit gained Gold Video and Song awards from the BEAT100 staff alongside a Silver Most Watched Video award after the song gained over 8100 hits! A powerful pop production with a stunningly dramatic music video, it is no wonder that the track soon hit the top of the BEAT100 charts. On the day of his chart win, Vladislav also saw the release of his brand new track 'My Love' on YouTube. Telling BEAT100 about his new release, Vladislav says 'I am an artist, I am expressing myself through music. This is a love story that is close to everyone. For some reason I did not want to finish writing and recording this song, and present it to the world. But then I realized that it was because of these feelings, I was able to write the music so I’ve decided not hide it anymore.' At the moment, Vladislav may be working on new music or he may not, we just don't know! The secretive singer likes to keep his plans close to his chest so he can surprise his fans with his next move.
We can't wait to see what is next from Vladislav Kurasov!

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+3 # Olga68 16.02.2015 13:31
Это здорово!Поздрав ляю,Влад!!!
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