In less then 2 weeks time, BRT will organise the national final whom the winner is expected to represent Belarus in Kiev for this year’s Eurovision. After listening to the 67 entries submitted, BRT has chosen 13 acts which will compete in the national final which is scheduled for the 20th January 2017. Vladislav Kurasov is one of the 13 entries and today he has found some time to talk to us about his upcoming participation.
Now we talk with Vlad Kurasov, a very talented singer who wants to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine. He started his musical career in 2011 and now he has an album signed by him.
Так уж сложилось, что именно год является тем временным отрезком, который каждый человек считает важным этапом своей жизни, начиная каждый новый с нуля и, заканчивая его подведением итогов. Влад Курасов поделился главными событиями, вызвавшими лучшие эмоции уходящего 2016-го года.
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